Power of Search

Search in one input with complex queries support. Arkstore will bring full semantic engine support to your search queries.


Freedom of Storage

You can use any storage platform you like, no matter size or cost. Our goal, is to give you freedom to choose where to store your files.


The Value of Data

We believe that the data have a great value by itself and must be stored for ages, to enchance this, we build Arkstore with OAIS in mind.


Metadata enhanced search engine

One of the main goal of the Arkstore project is to provide our users way to easy organize and search data. To allow this, we decided to rethink conventional “folder” structure of your files and replace it with metadata graph.

Arkstore scan your files on initial ingest and get all metadata contained in file. For example photo taken by your camera can contain hundred of metadata relevant fields which can be used to organize your photo collection. After all data is feeded into Arkstore it placed in semantic web graph according to our vocabularies and creates your own private graph. Private graph can be enhanced by other public graphs, for example data from wikipedia or social networks. This all allow us to create immersive search engine.

Search Query Examples

  • This query search for all images which had geolocation tag associated with London, uses DBPedia and reasoning Images from city held 30 olympic games
  • Get all Autocad drawings which contain quoted phrase DWG "second floor"
  • Find all presentation (ppt, pptx, sda, etc.) which contains embedded pictures took on iPhone 4S camera Presentation with images iPhone 4S
  • Finds all documents which has direct or indirect association with person, can use social network graph John Doe

Additional Features

  • Storage Engine Swap

    Arkstore unique architecture allows you to choose where to store your data. For example you can select your Dropbox account for data storage and allow Arkstore to store metadata and provide search and discovery or store everthing in Arkstore cloud.

  • Universal Virtual Computer

    UVC is very powerful concept which will bring emulation aspect to the archival storage. This will eliminate migration problems and data loss for complex data or even whole software.

  • API

    Arkstore will provide full API too all functions via REST or SOAP. We will publish whole documentation on API closer to beta stage.

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